Founder and President Of CBOI

Founder and President of Chess Boxing Organisation of India

Shihan Montu Das is the founder and president of CBOI who is also the founder and president of Kickboxing Association of West Bengal and former General secretary of WAKO-India.

When he was 16, once he heard from his coach that, in after any aggressive or heavy contact sport we should play a chess for mental and physical relaxation. So, that idea was in his mind…

After that, when he saw a game which is “CHESS-BOXING (WCBO)” as the well combination of two opposite sport such as soft and hard, immediately he went to meet with the Inventer of Chessboxing Mr. Iepe Rubingh to promote this game in India.

Then, he started first Chessboxing as the “Chess Boxing Club of Kolkata” and arrange first ever Chessboxing match in India sole at Kolkata and founded the Chessboxing Organization Of India. Now CBOI successfully running with more than Twenty States such as : West Bengal, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Tripura, Telangana etc. under the guidance of Mr. Das.

Mr. Das and his efforts the first ever Chessboxer from India as well as from Asia region had been take part in WORLD PROFESSIONAL CHESSBOXING CHAMPIONSHIP at Moscow,Russia in 2013 under the financial support of Chessboxing Global Marketing.

Mr. Das also attended the first AGM of WCBO at Berlin, Germany in 2014 and elect as the one and only Vice- President and Board Member of WCBO and assist to Mr. Iepe for the promotion of Amateur Chessboxing Worldwide and Mr. Das introduced first ever Amateur World Chessboxing Championship in his own city Kolkata, India in the year of 2017 and 2018 continues two times in India under his responsibility and hard work pays off and his dream come true towards the development of Armature Chessboxing worldwide and future Olympic Sport of CHESSBOXING….


Mr. Montu Das had been elect as the President of World Chess Boxing Organization (WCBO), Germany through Virtual meeting cum election on 2nd June 2020 by WCBO after saddest death of Mr. Iepe Rubingh, Inventor of Chessboxing and Founder President of WCBO on 8th May 2020. Mr. Das was the only Vice-President and Board Member of WCBO with president ship of Iepe since 2014.
Mr. Das is the first president of WCBO to apply in GAISF Membership for future recognition of Chessboxing and towards the development of in Olympic.
Mr. Das also introduce chessboxing in some of countries like in Asia, Africa, America etc. such as : Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, Uganda, Ghana, Gambia, Chile etc.